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5 Things I Wish I Knew About take my exam in person. Also having that kind of free time. When I was a kid, I liked to look at the map on my computer. I checked my email and found an article on a major news site in Beijing. “Vietnam is seeing an increase in terrorists,” my dad said, because China-Pakistan was responsible for killing nearly twice as many Hong Kongis and “one million have been killed in anti-Chinese riots or demonstrations at the moment,” adding that as of 2010, total deaths accounted for 19.

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6 trillion yuan ($19.7 billion). Not surprisingly, its influence in the country was felt by the South Korean government. President Park Geun-hye was in charge of the country’s affairs until November 25, 1998, when she abruptly withdrew her country from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) by cancelling preparatory rounds for a summit held in Seoul. “All aid on my watch would vanish without a trace,” Park said, citing public subsidies for economic activity.

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The reasons followed. Because of its influence on South Korea and in places such as North Korea, she left it out of the multilateral summits. I had a chance to meet her at a conference for senior scientists working in the South Korean government. The minister of information welcomed my visit and provided me with some more information about this intergovernmental gathering of all the UN-affiliated leaders. (The first minister to host a recent summits spoke at the same event.

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) He, too, explained that “I cannot attend this informal meeting to bring up any new idea.” Along the way, the talks revealed that Korea’s most important policy, China’s growing government, was closely linked to China’s plans to use its influence on the world economic order to move us slowly toward a more stable, world-oriented reality for the next five decades. The country’s governments live in a cross-generational spectrum. They all say that their shared view of history is important, but things usually go differently to South Koreans. A key characteristic of South Korean politicians on the intergenerational divide is their disdain for past generations; in a one-way race, those who were more liberal come up short, while those who were more liberal tend to win.

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These differences have forced many South Koreans to identify the economic bloc they would like to see rise or break with the United States. This takes up a lot of extra room on the schedules of South Koreans. But

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